Friday, August 29, 2008

Our first photo session with Aubrie

What a challenge this "photoshoot" was knowing what I wanted as a Photographer,but little ones not listening to me because I'm there mother.Cheetos all over the babys bunny,hide & seek under the backdrop instead of in front of it,cody with more food (apple chips),enough kisses to make even the baby cry,Playing and wrestling,not to mention cody wanted his bike in the pictures too!.....At this point we all needed a break so we left the house and headed for the library (spiderman comics will do us good).....after all are settled for the evening I finally have a chance to look over what we had gotten (as far as photos).How could I not look at them and say aaawwwhhh....they did'nt do so bad.The funny thing is by looking at these,you wouldn't even have known that all of the caos even took place.....WoW.....I look at them and can't even begin to describe how much I love them and enjoy being with them on a daily basis! XoXo's their Mommy

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Daddy and his Babies

I was absolutley wrong when I said (thought) my sweet little bear would be a little envious of our new little one.It coud'nt be more wonderful,I don't know whos in Love with her more Cody or me? She is the most amazing addition to our family, she is sweet,quiet,smiley and today she was laughing after I finished breastfeeding her.It was so cute! With Aiden about to start pre-school in this next month,I'm really happy that Cody has Aubrie to love and devote his attention to.But,I'm also glad that he has boy time today with daddy and his brothers.....they went to the Charger game in San Diego, he needs to be his own little person too (since he's been the new care-taker lately )(such a BIG HEART)! Have FUN today my little bear.....mommy is thinking of you! XoXo's

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Aubrie Nevaeh Williams

Aubries First Day's Home! .......Finally had our baby girl, BORN:friday August,1st-2008 Weight: 7lbs.10oz. She came quick an hour to spare after arriving at the hospital,I truly couldn't have done it without the support of such a great husband and coach...everything happened so fast and when it came time to have her I was in such shock I did'nt want to Push (it hurt)(NATURAL).......Shadd was amazing,as always.Being married to him and parenting I have had the most amazing time of my life.....I think that's why we keep having babies together....for the record were thinking maybe ONE MORE!!So don't be SHOCKED if it happens again...Ha!Ha! About Aubrie she is sweet and loves to nuzzle and kiss.....she opens her mouth really wide at the touch of your lips and shes just in heaven....shes our little "SWEET PEA"!.....the boy's adore her and one of them is either holding her or asking if they can give her another kiss!Cody say's its his baby....I'm so in love with them I could'nt even begin to put it into words.....XoXo's love their Mommy