Sunday, January 31, 2010

Playing hookie up some srcumptious fried squid {calamari} mmmmmhhh!!!Also showing us his HUGE Saltwater Squid Jig {lure}!! What a fight he must have had,this thing is gigantore....
Too funny,I just noticed the school bus behind him in this photo.School bus driver saying "what the heck is that little ditcher doing outside with a fishing pole,he should be in school"....just kidding he' a homeschooler for the next few months.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The new Sea-Fourth

Tanner went fishing for squid on the New Sea Fourth out in the San Diego bay. He said when he pulled them up they inked all over the place, the deck was a mess!! Tanner caught 8, which was the record high for those on the boat yeah... Great job!! His dad caught 6.... Took today off from work and school to fillet about 80 lbs of squid. Sushi hand rolls galore....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Drive-Thru Pharmacy

Believe it or not these past several months the Pharmacy has been my "Saving Grace"
On a regular day I would be more apt to go the homeopathic route and still do but,these day's the little people aren' given me a break!
*Loma Linda {blood testing,allergy testing,urine testing upper G.I}
*E.N.T appt's,surgery's {adnoids & tubes}Twice {During Christmas Break}
*School Physicals *Routine Physicals {shots}
*Dental visits
*Emergency Room {teenager}
*Bronchitis {Aubrie,Cody and Myself}
*Headed back to the Pedo Dentist {Cody flipped over his scooter and broke out his front teeth..this past weekend!

Just finished with Dr. visit Aubrie has Bronchitis in both lungs and Cody in the left.When you pick up the kindergartener from school and these two don't budge,that's a sure sign they're not feeling well. some point this will get better I know {I try to remind myself},I have teenager's that don't even remember there doctors name.So with time this too shall pass.....L*ve Mommy

Sunday, January 10, 2010

1st T*E*A ~ L*O*V*E

Such a sweet little girl Aubrie is,an hour after the boys are asleep she is still fighting it.Talking to her babies,eating cheerios and drinking her Chai Tea.Even in spite of this awful boudt of Bronchiatis she has her mood is still wonderful.Finally falls asleep and we finish her final breathing treatment of the day."sweet dreams~sweet pea"


Finally we are getting back into the swing of things.Family game night has been a long time coming.
It has been a few years since we have all sat down to play a game,hard with a toddler that wants to take all the monopoly money,or an infant that needs to be nursed.Granted they have their own games that they play,but the older ones aren't too interested.

So weve started off the new year with a few games that they all like,and of course included in that is The Twilight Saga. YEAH!! Shadd and I read the complete series in 3 weeks with all the boys.They were all very intrigued,everyday after school Allan would come home and ask to be updated.Aiden would ask what new powers the Vampires had or new ones they've accrued???

In Twilight Aiden was Edward and would wear pants with his shirt collar up,and run very F*A*S*T! Cody would run into Aiden like they were in a baseball field and in slow motion fall and laugh {brothers}.
With the "New Moon" Cody and Aiden are both WHEREWOVLES. Aiden is a little more extreme,straight out of the movie theater his clothes came off...literally no shirt on the way home??!! To this day out of the blue he will just P*H*A*S*E,other people around are oblivious to why this little kid just ripped off all of his clothes and is wearing a pair of shredded shorts,but Cody he's ready to RUMBLE and they ATTACK and roll around and play bite......and then they H*E*A*L!!!! ha ha too funny........

*TWILIGHT {Scene it}

Thursday, January 7, 2010

To Grandfather's house we go.....

We absolutley adore our Grandpa Sherman.
When we go to his house we look for bugs with Allan and Grandpa tells us where they're hiding.He helps Aiden shoot bad guys that are hiding in the bushes.He reads ALL the Louie Lamor books with Cody and Spiderman comic books to Aiden {ones that he has saved for us}. Aubrie likes to take Grandpa whatever she thinks he might like to have,grandpa say's "THANK YOU" everytime! Then she sit's on his lap and they talk.
There is an orange tree that we love to pick oranges from EVERY TIME we go,even if they're green {with Allan's help of course too little to reach,SOMEDAY}.
As for Sierra she like's to HANG OUT and watch Old Westerns with Grandpa {Clint Eastwood} Bang~Bang...

Last time we went to visit grandpa we asked to take photo's with his Old Truck the next time we came over. He said "By golly,if that's what you want to do,why the heck not"....So "WE DID"!!

We had sssoooooo much fun finally being able to see what was old,so big,what was all this stuff? Stick shift? Radio with Knob's? Clutch? Emergency switch? Handle to roll down the window? Reserve Tank switch?
This was definatley a wonderful experience for us,and we are grateful that he trusted us little people enough to go rumage through his vehichle.Were are very appreciative....thanks again Grandpa!

Hope to see you soon ,we love you more than you will ever know!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Let's Race"

Aiden was full throttle this time out,he got to the point where he would try to race Sierra and Cody every chance he got.Of course Sierra and Cody are just having a good time looking for trails and putting around but,that's not what Aiden thought.He rode hard today,even rolled once.
Aubrie wanted to ride soooooo bad,sitting on the bikes,helping put gas in the bikes,cheering her siblings on.Sierra switched Cody out for her,she liked it for a little while,then started whining that she wanted off.At least she gave it a try....thank you sissy {Sierra} for being patient and taking me {love you}!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bringing in the New Year

Our whole block ended up at Dolores's house this year,usually it's at Dannys so all the guys {and girls} can play pool.This year was just a little different games,more noise makers,lights,all around...a little more kid friendly...Oh,and Joy....she loves to DANCE,man that girl {my Martha Stewart}!
It has been wonderful!! We can all have a really good time,put the kids to sleep when there tired and walk home safely after having a few drinks!
Then we all walk out the next morning like king of the hill to see who is the worst off.This year Tino,Danny and Dolores were waiting outside to see what time I would come out,too funny!
I have to honestly say the ONLY thing missing this year was UNCLE SLOAN!!