Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Aidens First set of loose teeth...

Oh no!....My little boy is growing up! I can't believe he is already going to lose his baby teeth. Tell me someone,where did the time go? I've been sooo sad knowing that the day would come and the tooth fairy would start to visit us again {on a frequent basis}. No...No....I refuse to let her rush in and slowly take childhood away....

Then "BAM" over Thanksgiving weekend Aiden's much anticipated sleep over with his cousins.Punching with the Hulk gloves as boy's do,Brian knocked them out {not one,but two}! Poor...Uncle Scott and Auntie A.J all along knowing how I felt about these little teeth searched frantically for them...no where to be found? Then Uncle Sloan had to bring Aiden home with a "holy" smile and the I'm sorry story. So all in all it will never be a forgotten set of missing teeth,due to the fact that almost all family members were involved! Ha Ha...still waiting for that tooth fairy to find the teeth or Aiden. She'll make it...give her time.

ThanksGiving ~ Uncle Scott's House

WOW...fun! The coolest Uncle in the kids eyes Thanksgiving 2010, Uncle Sloan!!
He literally brought a truck load {moving men included} of game equipment and his big screen T.V for the kids to play "ALL DAY" they had a "BLAST"! Then....after dinner we adults played in the Rock Band together. Ha...we were "JAMMIM" {not me}. Grandpa watched us for hours then finally asked me at one point, so what do you guy's get out of this? funny....

Pumpkin Pie ~ mmmmmm

Grandpas Birthday

Happy 68th Birthday Grandpa.....listening to the wonderful letters and cards from my sister's and family. They're sweet and heartfelt,they hold a wonderful place in my heart. Sharon and I are the same age for two day's! Ha Ha....

Simple & Sweet
Chocolate filled Birthday! "Box ~o~ chocolates and cake Golore"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Down By The Barn

Went to take Grandpa to his Doctors appointment today. The kids have been anticipating this visit for about a week all the while knowing they were going to visit the Beautiful Canadian Geese. They made sure Grandpa knew too! So we signed Grandpa in for his appointment,which is to be about an hour and told him we'd be back in a little while to check on him. A little way through the appointment time the Nurse and Doctor are out searching for me to answer some Health History Questions. They knew exactly where we were, Grandpa told his Doctor." I think she took the kids down to the Barn".