Thursday, September 18, 2008

In the eye of the "Storm"

I heard on the News between my daily activities,and kids cartoons that a hurricane was approaching the United States in a few days!...went about my daily routines until Shadd and a couple of friends as well as Bussiness Partners (David and Ray)were already in flight to Detroit Michigan for a Convention they were to attend.Friday night there flight took off late and connecting flight they had missed leaving them to wait at the Chicago Ohare Airport for 10 hours until they boarded the next plane.Mind you by this time it's Saturday morning and the Hurricane is pounding Texas,and on its way to Chicago Ohare which by mid-morning was 6-10 inches under water with no one entering or leaving.Still no call from Shadd only a text saying they had been delayed.At this time I'm a complete mess wondering were they are? Took the kids to the beach and it was then I had received a call from Shadd with the whole story and that they were at the convention but arrived late.They were enjoying there time,but were exhausted,and the weather was "crappy" lot's of rain.The buildings were amazing there very Gouthic like and he'd wished I could've gone to take photos,and that he missed all of us.Sunday afternoon was another day of meetings and here I am at home watching the news again (I was glued to that T.V).There flight is around 11:00 am (2:00pm there time)and Hurricane Ike which has now been catagorized as a Tropical Storm is now headed directley in there path to go through Detroit and be in New York or Florida by Evening.Again no phone calls until 8:00pm(I finally get one)they're in Santa Ana and driving home!Yeahhhhhh(all this time Shadd had been texting but none of the texted had gotten throu)This is why we have cell phones in case of an EMERGENCY!! So glad they're home safe and don't realize sometimes how much you love someone until something this "HUGE" comes along and could take them in an instant....I love you so much my husband....XoXo's,your Wife

Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike, originally uploaded by Christy Williams.

Hurricane Ike was the ninth named storm, and fifth hurricane of the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season.[1] It was a Cape Verde-type hurricane, as it started as a tropical disturbance off the coast of Africa near the end of August, then tracked south of Cape Verde and slowly developed. On September 1, it became a tropical storm west of the Cape Verde islands.[2][3]

By the early morning hours of September 4, Ike was a Category 4 hurricane, hitting its peak with 145 mph (233 km/h) winds and a pressure of 935 mbar (27.61 inHg).[4] That made it the most intense storm so far in the 2008 Atlantic hurricane season. At one point the diameter of Ike's tropical storm and hurricane force winds were 450 and 190 miles (720 and 305 km), respectively. Ike has been blamed for 145 deaths, primarily in Haiti, which was already trying to recover after the impact of three prior 2008 systems, Fay, Gustav, and Hanna, and in the United States, with many of the deaths taking place well inland. Damages from Ike in US coastal areas are estimated at $27 billion (2008 USD), with additional damage of up to $4 billion in Cuba.[5] If the estimates are accurate, Ike will be the third or fourth costliest Atlantic hurricane and third costliest U.S. hurricane of all time

Formed September 1, 2008
Dissipated September 14, 2008
winds 145 mph (230 km/h) (1-minute sustained)

Lowest pressure 935 mbar (hPa; 27.62 inHg)
Fatalities 145 direct, 37 indirect, 400 missing
Damage $29.5 billion (2008 USD)
affected Turks and Caicos, Bahamas, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Florida Keys, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi Valley, Ohio Valley
Part of the
2008 Atlantic hurricane season

“A lot of people felt it was a false alarm,” he said. “I think they're realizing this is not a false alarm.”

While more than 2 million people evacuated ahead of Ike, tens of thousands more ignored evacuation orders and swamped rescue crews Saturday with emergency calls from the flooded lowlands of East Texas and western Louisiana.

“Of course it's frustrating. There was a mandatory evacuation, and people didn't leave,” said Steve LeBlanc, Galveston's city manager. “They had enough time to get out. It's just unfortunate that they decided to stay.”

Hurricane Ike Mystery Ship

Hurricane Ike Mystery Ship, originally uploaded by Christy Williams
Hurricane Ike Digs up a Mystery Ship

Hurricane Ike scraped its way across the southern United States, leaving a wake of destruction in its path. But on a beach in Alabama, the storm unearthed unexpected treasure in the form of a mysterious shipwreck.

According to news reports, the nautical ruins, which had previously been buried under sand at Fort Morgan, reveal a "badly burned" ship that is 150 feet long and built of heavy timbers. Some local citizens have wondered whether the wreckage could be the long-sought Ivanhoe, a steamship designed to evade Union blockades during the Civil War.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Allan's 15th B-Day

My creation, originally uploaded by Christy Williams.

Allans 15th Birthday was spent B-B-Q-ing and biking with his family and friends.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

About "Sweet Pea"

Sweet Pea

With its richly colored yet small, delicate flowers, the sweet pea’s history can be traced back to 17th century Italy, when a Sicilian monk, Franciscus Cupani, sent its seeds to England. Although that original sweet pea bore little resemblance to the flower we know today, when Harry Eckford, a Scottish nurseryman, crossbred the original flower, he created the colorful, ornamental and sweetly scented sweet pea we know today.
Ekford’s varieties included the pink Dorothy Eckford, the lavender Lady Grisel Hamilton, the scarlet King Edward VII and perhaps his most famous, the Countess Spencer. Meaning delicate or blissful pleasure in the language of flowers, this enchanting flower remains a favorite fragrant blossom.

The language of flowers associates the following meanings with sweet peas: blissful pleasure, delicate pleasure, good-bye, departure, adieu and thank you for a lovely time. Sweet peas are often associated with young children and used to decorate blankets, clothing, bibs and other objects for babies. Items decorated with sweet peas are excellent choices for baby showers and gifts for babies. "Sweet pea" is also often used as a tear of endearment for infants.

The boys and I have been gardening and decided to plant some Sweet Pea flowers for Aubrie.Not only because they're my all-time favorite flower but this is were her nick name originated from.When I was pregnant with her...Aiden and I were talking one day about her growth in utero and I explained that at that point she was like a "pea pod" hence then is when he and I named her "Sweet Pea" Then she will grow up to be a beautiful "Blooming" little girl.Not to mention it was traced back to Italy and she does happen to be Italian.So from this point on we all vow to plant sweet peas in our Gardens every year,in hopes that she too will have a green thumb and continue our tradition.We Love you so much....XoXo's

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Coronado for the day

At the Coronado Ferry Landing, the bay provides a spectacular backdrop to a charming collection of specialty shops, art galleries and restaurants. Originally known as the old Ferry Landing, visitors and locals alike come to enjoy the palm-lined pathways and open-air amusements. Whether you’re hungry for fresh seafood or California cuisine, there’s a variety of fine dining and casual eateries to choose from. Spend some time at the waterfront park to fish off the pier, relax in the grass, or build a sand castle at the beach. Or just lounge under a tree and watch as the many different boats travel in and out of the bay. If you happen to be around on a Tuesday afternoon, be sure to stroll through the Coronado Farmer’s Market featuring fresh fruits and vegetables from local growers. Rent a bike and explore the area and stop in at the various gift shops for all sorts of unique items and souvenirs. The Coronado Ferry Landing is among the most visited areas in Coronado.

Daddy,Cody & Aiden talking to eachother on our Ferry boat ride over to the island.They had the best time.

While we were on the Island we came accross this Local boy whose bike chain broke.Allan the little ones offered to help.It's something they all do together at home anyway(yeah there good deed for the day)!

but,of course as we all know Cody had to take a break from working to go over and KISS Aubrie,we can't go 5 minutes without letting her know that we love her!

Allan is quite the acrobat lately front flips,back flips whatever he can think of to do with a particular object that we happen to be walking by.

So of course we have our little followers and they want to do it too! fun to have such a Great big brother!I hope he realizes how much they really look up to him.

Hide-n-Seek was in the cards for Aiden,he is always up for a game and anyone to play with him.He is so ready for Pre-school.

...I really enjoy our time together when we have it.As you know still in Love!!

...had a pizza dinner on the Beach before we took the Ferry Boat back to San Diego.Nice and relaxing no yelling to sit down at the table and be good,they played in the sand and got to be chilren.

San Diego skyline is always a beautiful site.Weather was perfect almost to the point were we could have used a sweater.This was such a wonderful Peaceful evening out with my family,especially with Shadd,I didn't want it to end...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Flash back of the 80's

I can't believe my eyes....the way Allan is starting to dress is a complete Flash-back of the 80's.

Purple hair and NEON GREEN earings!

Aiden & Cody love his hair!....They want to be just like Allan.They even try to put earings in their ears. In a million years I think to myself.But,in all reality when theyr'e teenagers its probably just going to get worse! I'm just PRAYING that by then we will be in a more conservative state as far as fashion and presenting ones self-image go's.

Shadd's sense of Style has always been decent,from as far back as I can remember (middle school to now). Now look he's borrowing his sons clothes??? aaawwwhhh (JUST KIDDING)!

Few new wave groups were as popular as Culture Club. During the early '80s, the group racked up seven straight Top Ten hits in the U.K. and six Top Ten singles in the U.S. with their light, infectious pop-soul. Though their music was radio-ready, what brought the band stardom was Boy George, the group's charismatic, cross-dressing lead singer. George dressed in flamboyant dresses and wore heavy makeup, creating a disarmingly androgynous appearance that created a sensation on early MTV. George also had a biting wit and frequently came up with cutting quips that won Culture Club heavy media exposure in both America and Britain. Although closely aligned with the new romantics -- they were both inspired by Northern soul and fashion -- Culture Club had sharper pop sense than their peers and they consequently had a broader appeal. However, their time in the spotlight was brief. Not only could they not withstand the changing fashions of MTV, but the group was fraught with personal tensions, including Boy George's drug addiction. By 1986, the group had broken up, leaving behind several singles that rank as classics of the new wave era.