Friday, October 30, 2009

"Fall Festival"

Fall Festival at Aidens school.Im on the P.T.A board so was assigned to face painting booth.Allan got out of school early to take Aiden and Cody around to all the booths to play games and eat dinner.While Aubrie stayed with Dolores,due to the cold weather and she wasn't feeling well.It's nice that their older siblings want to be a part of their activities.Thank you ssooooooo much Allan...I love you!!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Today Aubrie stepped on a pin that had fallen off of her outfit just last night.I would'nt normally be as concerned about tetanus,due to the fact that it was clean for the most part and had no visible signs of rust what so ever."BUT",she had been playing in the back yard all morning with bare feet{obviously} and of course we have chickens! Which raised a huge concern for me....Not prepared to wait in the Emergency room for another 7 hours today {fainting visit},Flu,Vaccines and E.N.T visits this month have been overwhlelming.How many antibiotics are they going to consume in one month? So instead with prayer in my heart and gods own antibiotic {garlic}.I pray his healing hand watches over Aubrie........"MUST READ"Another mothers answer!

happens to be an Angel

Our garlic

We placed some garlic and oils under her bandage to penetrate skin for a longer period than she would allow me to hold it on...

Cody bear is always concerned with how his sister is doing or feeling,he was a Big Helper! Thank you my little bear...........