Friday, February 26, 2010

Work hard ~ Play hard


Grandpa's tool shed is a special place,
Full of mystery and delight,
Where little kids can come and watch
While Grandpa builds a kite.

Each day before the sunset,
Grandpa is always there,
The sound of his saw and hammer
Filling the evening air.

Grandpa can fix anything
And make it look brand-new-
He fixes toy cars and airplanes,
Trucks and trailers, too.

There are many happy moments
Pleasant to recall,
But Grandpa in his tool shed
Is the nicest one of all.

~By Marie Dostan~

Tanner day-to-day & life skills

Life Skills:}
...Tanner is always busy at work or play whichever fit's his fancy at the moment.He spends alot of time in the garage.Whether its building a buggy,working on his motorcycle,changing the tires on his quad,woodburnig,playing with his cars in a pile of saw dust,or adjusting whatever he can.He's obsessed with finding the right tool for the job.As he works he talks to himself and calls out the tool or number he thinks he needs "5/"? and so on. Not to mention the fact that these tools have special meaning {the ones he is working with},they were given to him by his grandfather,whom passed not to long ago.A wonderful man who was a huge part of Tanners life! As I sit and watch him work.....I ponder the thought of who it is that he is talking to,maybe not himself at all?

Angel by my is you Pop:}
I miss you,Pop, very much,
You gave my life a special touch;
You did'nt get angry and you did'nt get mad,
But when you were gone I was nothing but sad;
Now that you've left I feel you're with me more,
A piece of my heart, I felt was torn;
I went to see you I really did try,
But I knew it would be our last good-bye;
I saw your Angel she opened my eyes,
Even since then, I'm not afraid to cry;
I carry your Angel here by my side,
It is in you, that I can confide;
I know one day we'll be together,
I will long for that day forever and ever.

Boys will be boys...

Underground Fort:}
....Tanner has had a passion for building from as early as I can remember.Always tinkering with something,brain constantly going,I don't think it ever stops.His creativity is very diverse and he's bored and somewhat mistivious if not applying it to daily life.Don't get in his way if he has an Idea...the vision is in his head not yours.
“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tea Party + Joy = FUN!

My lovely Joy {aka:Martha Stewart} came rushing in the house a little while ago to grab the boys {Aubrie was sleeping} "Come on you two,let's go have a tea party"! How amazing is that? Thank you soooo much for all the little things that you do,it means so much.

Childhood is supposed to be a magical,carefree,play time with lot's of memories to look back on.Joy is definatley keeping me on my toes and adding every little bit her heart desires.I love that she is in to children as much as I am.Thank You god for placing such an angel in my life....

Poor Baby

Aubrie has had an amazing week with all of her siblings as well as the neighborhood kids,that are all home for Presiden't week.Non-stop playing for this little one stroller rides,walks,wagon rides...Until she fell that is,right on her nose yesterday when she was following Felictiy and tripped on a mound of grass.Did'nt look so bad yesterday,but now that I watch her sleep my heart melts for the poor little nose {Allans been calling her Rudolph all day}. Poor Aub..

New ~ Home

Aunt Reana's new house...such a long time coming and well deserved.We are sooooo happy for you guy's.The kid's as usual had an awesome time,ecspecially now that their Aunt Reana has stairs to slide down wweeeeeeee!!