Monday, April 4, 2011


Being a mother, a wife, a humanitarian, a love of the good of man-kind and thankful for this beautiful place we call home. Within the past few weeks I have been personally slapped in the face with an AH ~ HA moment I wish I would have never come accross. Earthquake prediction in which we as a family were not prepared for turned into the most negative media I have ever come accross in my life. I think it depleted me of all of my energy cells..... From the Mayan Calender ending, 2012 movie {which I had'nt seen}, Nostradumus predictions, The Book of Urantia, Illuminati {which I've come to believe is your higher self, I could be wrong}. Along with alot of other things I won't even go into. You name it I read it or watched it! After all of my soul searching I ran to the book shelf and got "THE SECRET" a book Oprah shared a few years ago. Which we truly believe and has always been in our inate nature anyway. Like minds think alike, positive energy brings you positive people. We saw Steadman speak once and he touched on this. Being the intelligent man he is has chosen to stay out of the public eye,now I see why. I have learned that you can be the Giver of all things, a humanitarian whom builds homes in disaster areas, from Athiest to Christianity, President, Veterans to a Homeless will never please everyone, there is always going to be a negative connotation in someway shape or form. I look at the love, hope and compassion that Japan has showed to eachother in such a catostrophic event and I pray we can learn something from them. We "the people" live in an amazing country with the greatest Military, and yet we are so eager to point the finger at anything we get the chance to. We need "CHANGE"....... and It starts in your own home. All-in-All the Farm life is not coming soon enough.....I read that Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the First Lady's to plant a garden at the White House and Mrs. Obama is following in her footsteps. So that said, Shadd and I could'nt wait for the Farm, spent some savings and we dove into the dirt!!