Monday, February 28, 2011

Winter ~ Season

{Mother Hen} Watching my family frolic in the Winter snow. Observing the laughter, waiting patiently until one runs to me with unbearably frozen hands or feet {it's inevitable with little ones}. Breathing in the Brisk late-afternoon air while the Sun~rays warm my face. I love the Seasons.

 much I love this man....I don't think a day goes by that I don't think of being in LOVE with him.That you can live happily ever after....That your husband can be your best friend. That he's going to walk through the door of our home any moment now,that he's the one I've been waiting for all day. Longing for his touch,his scent. I could KiSs him from dawn til dusk......

Planning for a New Home

View & Surrounding area from an adorable home that we looked at over the weekend.

Area I loved...View I loved...Creek running through property I loved...Beautiful I loved...Potential spot for a Barn I loved!

Septic...Propane...Well Water...Fire Hazard {No way out if we were trapped}...Land goes into hillside {no room for any animals to raom}...

So we keep searching,Dreaming and learning.