Saturday, June 27, 2009

Swimming ~ they love water

Grow with your garden

Our Family Garden:

Aiden helps tend to it,he's spraying the artichoke plant with soap and water to get rid of the afids.

Here they go again,hitting up the green beans

Cody will eat at least ten or more in a row,mmmmhhhhhh

Friday, June 26, 2009

Seaside Oregon

Downtown Seaside

Seaside Oregon {Coastline}

Pathway to beach {Wake up and walk out}

Our hide-out

Our next family vacation is to Seaside Oregon, awaiting this day all year. More so because we didn't take a vacation last year,timing was off with Aubries birth and a new business venture.I'm not to excited about the distance on this one 20 hours driving time. With kids,yeah right a few day's is more like it. So up the california coast-line we go again. San Fransisco anything with a warf, clam chowder, calamari and a beer with bare feet in the sand is fine with me. I can't wait to hear the kid's laughing and playing with out a care in the world...these day's are fun,busy all day that when bed time comes they usually just pass out,but with the most amazingly content smile on their face.One more week and the kid's are already ready to go.

Family Vacations

Every year as a family we try to literally escape everything to be alone and enjoy eachother as well as the world we live in.Kind of sad knowing that we won't even touch a fraction of it in our lifetime.We tend to pick places that are 10 or more hours to drive,and with kids it's been an adventure in itself.But,I wouldn't change any of it.These have been some of my most awe inspiring times with them,because we get to explore in wonder and admiration for the beauty around us together.

Lake Tahoe

St. George Utah

Mormon Temple {of course we had to visit Shadd is mormon,I haven't yet converted,would love to spend all eternity with him though}!That's a different story all together.

Yesemiti National Park

Pinetop Arizona

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scott & A.j's Baby Shower

Bryce H. Williams

Frames I made with a thank you from Robin Baker!!

Talking to Sloan about his leaving for Iraq...very sad...I will miss him soooooo much.I love you and per our discussion we promised to write eachother!! {something we do,have saved everyone of his letter's}

It was nice to spend time with the kids too...not the norm with your typical babyshower

Look at her she is tooo cute pregnant!

Baby in the oven....

Scootchie & Jik~Jik
I had an amazing time planning this baby shower for A.j & Scott.Thank you so much for allowing me to do such a memorable day for you two. Tell mom {Pat} that myself as well as the whole family were really happy to see her, and glad that she's back home. It hasn't been the same without her near.I especially enjoyed the fact that it was a family shower and the kids got to participate in the games....It's nice that they got to celebrate their new brother too!! I love that we have alway's been like that {very close}! You two hold a very special place in my heart!!....can't wait to kiss the new little guy,only a few more weeks!! XoXo's,Love your sister

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

She loves Animals

The little dog accross the street always runs over to give Aubrie hugs and kisses.

Aubrie's be-be

Aubrie has been fascinated with this chicken from the time we brought it home as a baby chick.She would just stare at it for the longest time when it was under the heat lamp in the kitchen.Now that it is outside,that is the first thing she wants. bee bee-bee bee.So her 3 words are mummm,da-da & be-be {for the chick}. They sit next to each other and have snacks,usually it just takes here crackers but,she lets it.

We just started dog sitting for a family in the military,and Aiden went to get an egg from the chicken pen,did'nt close the pen all the way and of course be-be follows him out.Aiden comes running in the house,"MOMMM" "the dog is eating the chicken but, I GOT THE EGG"!! Shadd went out to see and got the mawled chicken from the dog's mouth.Thank goodness he laid the chicken in the pen while he went to go talk to Aiden,because a little while later it got up and stumbled around,either in Shock or because it's feathers were soaking wet! Thank goodness Aubrie did'nt understand a thing and today we got to go out and visit be-be.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday my "Sweet Bear"

Cody's birthday PARTY was a blastall the neighborhood kids were at our house.With the weather being somewhat stormy with occasional lightning last week,it cleared just enough for the kids to enjoy some water fun!Even some of the adults went into the waterslide.Nice day,thank you to all,reminds me still have to sit down with the little bear and write out thank you cards.Another year my sweet little three year old.Your mommy loves you XoXo's

Motor-Cross Junkie

Cody is an Adrenaline junkie....any thing with Motorcycles or Loud music with alot of "BBBAAASSSSS" (go figure he was born with hearing problems,must stem from his past-life)?? He has been so insistant on having a motorcycle and always want's go with Tanner is is on his 5th Quad and an amazingly talented rider.So proud of him!! Looks like were headed to the desert sooner than we thought.Teddy & Reana start collecting the gear,going be desert RAT's if this keeps up.GOing to wait until the weather cools off a little before we even start so motorcycle bike was the closest thing Cody got,he loves it and fell asleep holding on to it the first night too cute!!

Codys Fishing Trip

Cody is one "Lucky little Duck"! He has had one whole funned filled week of not stop birthday adventure!! Daddy took Aiden, Allan & Cody to Barrett Lake for a whole day of fishing.Woke up before the sun rose and made it there by 5:00 am. Loaded the boat and headed out for their secret spot. Then made it home at a decent time to sleep for hours, and wake up to his favorite meal pulled pork sandwiches from San Diego (where Tom Cruise filmed Top Gun).

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Tender Moment

A Tender Moment
March 6, 2009 · 1 Comment
A tender moment, so it seemed at the time,then in an instant caused quite a stir. In Balboa Park for the weekend,looking for my father whom is homeless. Couldn’t find him under the tent that is usually put up by the Naval Hospital during the winter . Not knowing were else to look,we decided to head over to the Ferry boat and enjoy the rest of the day with the little ones on Coronado Island. Alway’s nice to have a cup of coffee and watch them play as the sun goes down. Then return to the boat for an evening ride.
As we were waiting for the Ferry boat to arrive, I looked over an saw this homeless man and asked him were they go for food and shelter. He answered in reference to were my father might be St. Francis. As we were talking a young girl in school for Photography asked if she could take a photo of him. At the same time he began speaking to the baby “look at how sweet your’e little one” so I leaned the baby in for them to talk. Katie, the young photographer then asked should we get a photo of the two of them?? Of course I didn’t hesitate (knowing his situation as well as my father’s I my elf just wanted to find my dad just to give him a long awaited hug) to sit the baby in his lap for a harmless photo. The man in the photo (homeless) melted when I put Aubrie in his arms. As bystanders watched,there was a mixed emotion of uuuGghhghh she just put the baby in his hands, and aaawwwhhh so sweet.
Not thinking much of it….our ferry boat arrived and we began to board with the rest of our children. The captain of the boat came down and followed us up the stairs,pulled us aside and made it a point as all the passengers had there eye’s on us, to give us the third degree on who we let hold or get near our (baby)children. We don’t know him,can’t trust him etc……
Well let me inform you there were 6 of us surrounding him,not to mention everyone else in the line waiting to board, and if you see in the photo,he was relaxing with his shoes off!!….didn’t look like he was going to get up and run off with her?? Working previously with the Forensics department and identifying deceased victims whom were murdered and going over case after case with Dr. Skip Sperber whom was an amazing man to work with started a Dental Team for mass disasters with him after 9/11. I highly doubt if there were anyone to be suspicious of that day he was the least likely candidate…….
I look at the photos now and wonder if after all that ,would I change my course of action??? With the smile on his face, when is the last time someone gave him a hug?? My answer would probably be NO…. I’d let him hold her again. I only wish that my father Ricky Allan Tracy was the one that got to meet his grandaughter.
Sincerely,Christy Williams

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